My Favorite Favorite

I used to play this game with Drew.  Well, I call it a game.  He would call it a nnoying.

He’d be lounging on his sofa (like the picture from the previous post), and I’d be perched on my couch.  His phone would beep, alerting him of a text.  Drew, unfortunate for him, had this habit of emptying his pockets at the table right by the front door.  So that’s where his phone lied.  So when he heard his phone beep, he’d sigh, take the pillow out from between his knees, toss it on the floor and roll off the sofa to get his phone.  He’d open it and it would be a message from me.  “Love you Dewz!” or a “mwah.”  He’d get so mad, but I thought it was hilarious.  If Drew was prone to violence, this would result in bruising.  He would just snap his LG Octane closed, glare at me from the corner of his eye and throw his big, lovable head back, Why, Al???

You would think he would catch on.  He kind of did.  I’m a really good short-term liar though, meaning I could maintain a poker face for a minute, and when he’d ask if I texted him, I’d say, “no,” with my hands up to prove I wasn’t holding my phone.  Even if he was 99% sure it was me who had texted him, the 1% chance that it could be something or someone important nagged at him—what if it’s Marc texting about grass cutting or Jamey about basketball?

Occasionally he would remember to grab his phone before getting situated on his TV-watching couch.  Even when he had his phone right by him and I had the ability to reach across the gulf of the two sofas and touch him, I would send him a text…usually to tell him I loved him or that he was sexy.  He would typically respond, “Thanks, Al.  You too.”  If it was something he found ridiculous he wouldn’t say a word.  He’d place his phone back and on the carpet and shake his head.  (Sidenote: The back of Ruby’s head looks just like the back of Drew’s head (but much smaller).  It’s beautiful.  It comes to a soft point with a spiral of hair sticking up. End Sidenote.)

One time I sent him this picture via text:

And he responded with this:


I’m so glad I saved it.  How can you not love those kissing lips?

I went a few Sundays ago and got my “free” upgrade from Verizon, and in true Drew form I denied the Smart Phone once again.  I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before our technology driven world forces me to give in, but not today!  I am the proud owner of a new Samsung Brightside.  One of the first things I did was set up my favorites.  Drew is in the number 6 spot just as he has been for the past 6+ years.  I remember him being offended when he found out he was that far down on the totem pole of speed dials.  I tried to explain that I had cell phones before we dated and I just added him at the next available spot.  Mom has always been 2, Dad 3, etc.  It was easier not to switch them around.

There’s a deep and desperate pain knowing I won’t see my favorite contact pop up on my phone again.  I know heaven is everything that is good, true, and pure, but I hope there is some way to slightly annoy Drew when I get there.  It’s one of my many love languages.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Favorite

  1. This is one of the many examples of how I knew you two were MFEO. Just like the doughnuts at the peanut festival and opening my door in August to the two of you singing Christmas carols holding sparklers. He would do anything you wanted him to do even if it was crazy!

  2. You describe the mannerisms perfectly – and the pictures tell it all! It was so fun (and easy) to “get” Drew — and when he got you back, it was even funnier!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog so much. You have such strength and faith, it is so inspiring. Reading about your memories and how much love you two had for each other is wonderful and inspiring. I know it hurts you more often than not but it is so amazing to see your growth in faith and hope in the things to come. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and life with us.

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