Art to Adoption

Drew’s mom has long claimed that I held some sort of power over Drew. Whether or not it’s true, I think it’s funny. I talked Drew into doing things that he previously would have NEVER considered in fear of losing his “man card”.  What makes Drew so special is that he would do all these things with a smile and an air of confidence.

I am proud to say I’m responsible for coaxing Drew’s inner-artist to surface in the Summer of 2006.

Drew with Chris Leake

Drew with Chris Leak

Our amateur work included small crafts, like painting bobble heads, creating our own pizzas, carving pumpkins and building gingerbread houses. There was no stopping once artist fever took over. Within a few years, Drew and I were full-blown canvas painters, with a focus on outdoor water scenes.

Drew's tropical sunset

Drew’s tropical sunset

One of the first things we did to make our rental home “our” home was hang many of our masterpieces in the spare blue-room. It was so difficult deciding which ones to display (for all the people who would be going in our blue-walled computer room). Acrylic canvas painting was our strong suit, but we dabbled in a few other hobbies. We took a cooking class, refurbished an old China cabinet, square danced at the dance hall on Bob Little Road. It would be nice to believe that Drew was so enthralled by my beauty and wit, that he would do anything I asked of him. But more so, I believe Drew was blessed with a sweet and willing spirit. He was game for trying new things, even if it led to ridicule from his friends and family (and believe me, there was plenty of that). My part in our relationship was giving him a reason to try these random new things. And I was stubborn enough to not budge until he agreed/caved.

One of the most impressive things I was able to talk Drew into was a specific Dave Ramsey envelope.  Dave Ramsey is a financial guru.  His “Financial Peace” course is offered in churches and communities across the country. He can help get you out of debt and saving money in 5 easy steps!  Drew and I became “Financial Peace” graduates prior to being married in 2010.  Dave encourages the use of designated envelopes for saving a predetermined amount of cash per pay period. We were starting the financial side of our marriage off on the right foot. We had a car envelope (knew we would need a family car in a few years), a Christmas spending envelope (to pre-budget for Christmas gifts), and a vacation envelope (because everybody needs a vacation!).  Each month, a small percent of our earnings would be divided among these envelopes. Shortly after we were married, God impressed it upon my heart that we needed to add one more envelope to our collection–an adoption envelope. Initially, Drew laughed, shook his head, questioned, and then much like all the other absurd things I asked him to do, he agreed. So we started setting aside money for a child we didn’t know. We had no idea how much money would be needed, but month by month, we made progress. As plans go, we wanted a little Drew and a little Al prior to adopting. God had different plans. And from His all-encompassing view, His plans are better.

It is a miracle in itself that I, with the help of a precious few, have completed the forms, background checks, home study and am now, more or less, at the twiddling my thumbs point where I wait and pray heavily. I pray multiple times a day for the baby that will be Ruby’s little brother or sister. I pray for his or her parents. I haven’t found them yet, but God knows them. I pray for eyes to see God’s providential hand as He leads.  And I would covet your prayers as well.  The process has shown me even more “How I need Thee Every Hour.”

I am so thankful that I don’t wait as if I’m in a waiting room and the pause button has been pushed.  I have Ruby, sisters, parents, family and friends that keep me laughing; and a God that holds my hand.

Fun with the cousins

Fun with the cousins

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