“I Ice Skating!”

Ruby has been caught up in the Frozen storm.  She can’t “Let it Go,” which is fine by me, because I love the movie just as much as she does! Ok, probably more. We watch parts of the movie, if not the entire thing, just about every day.  The final scene is the town gathering outside of the castle, where Elsa uses her ice powers to create a floor of ice for the purpose of community ice skating.  To mimic this, Ruby wears her Elsa and Anna socks from Nannaz (Aunt Anna) and slides around in the kitchen.  “I ice skating, Mama!”  I adore her imagination.  I get to hold her hands and twirl her—guiding her through a few triple Salchows (pronounced “sow cows”) and quadruple axles.

Finally, the thought came to me! I have to show Ruby the videos of Mommy and Daddy ice-skating! While touring London, Drew and I dropped in at the Queen’s Ice Skating Rink. I’m pretty sure a real queen has never stepped foot inside, much less skated there. It was very similar to our local skating rinks, but with a floor of ice rather than shiny, slippery wood. Although, both hurt when you fall.

We have a handful of videos from our London and Paris travels. I love watching them. Unfortunately, Drew did the majority of the filming, so he’s not visible most of the time. But he should win an Academy Award for his narrator role. I LOVE to hear his voice and his laugh, and I miss it so very much. While paying close attention to what he says and how he says it, I realize that laughing, to him, is almost as natural as breathing. One of the things that I love most about my Dewz is that he does not take himself seriously, unless he was at work. In just about every phrase in this video there is some form of a chuckle. You can even hear his smile when he talks.

Ruby requests one of two videos on my computer. One she calls “Daddy ice-skating” and the second one is “Daddy laughing”, (which is me ice-skating and Drew talking).

*In all fairness, I was in my first trimester with Ruby. It would’ve been irresponsible and reckless for me to NOT grip to the side rails.



8 thoughts on ““I Ice Skating!”

  1. I really like watching Frozen also, and am so excited that Ruby can enjoy something like her Daddy! We could have a future Olympian on our hands:)

  2. Thanks for that allison. Always will remember that laugh and smile. By the way, it was great seeing you and Ruby last week at church.

    • It was great to see you and meet your family! They’re both keepers, for sure :). Be sure to let us know the next time you come in town. I know the MacLeans would love to see you all, especially little Drew. Take care!

  3. I love drew’s attempt at skating…. However, I really love to hear his voice and laughter! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Fortunate that you have these and showed them to Ruby. What an awesome event to remember and have a glimps into who your daddy is: )

  5. Allison, your blog is just terrific! So happy you have these videos to share with sweet Ruby. She will, no doubt, know what a wonderful, kind human being her daddy was. Hearing Drew’s laugh was just the best!

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