In THAT World

Drew’s parents were very surprised by the unplanned pregnancy, but I’m sure God smiled.   Because before he was born, just in time for Christmas of 1985, God knew the incredibull (yes, I spell it like that purposely) impact Drew would have on His World.

I find it so fortunate that Drew’s Birthday falls in the Christmas Season.  I still love Christmas time, especially the music.  As Drew’s birthday approaches, Christmas carols pour forth from radio stations, they are overheard at the mall and restaurants, sung on TV, and of course, at church.  It’s inescapable– the songs about the baby King, born in a stable on a Silent Night.   Anyone offended by such music would do best to stay at home with cable and internet disconnected.  The lyrics are exactly what I want to hear.  For example, “Light and life to all He brings, Risen with healing in His wings.  Mild He lays His glory by, born that man no more may die.  Born to raise the sons of earth (us), born to give them second birth.” 

Christmas has a whole different meaning to me since Drew is not here to share it with us.  The reality of Christmas is more than it would ever be if Drew were standing next to me.  God reveals truths to His children, and the Bible says it’s literally like scales have fallen from the eyes when this happens.   The line “Mild He lays His glory by,” has echoed in my head this holiday season.  Proof that the Holy Spirit is alive and working:  I’ve heard before that Jesus left His glory in Heaven to come to earth, but in a way that’s difficult to describe, I get it this year (as much as humanly possible).  It was a matter of choice.  In all stages of earthly life (infancy, childhood, tween, teen, adulthood), Jesus was Creator and knew He was Creator.  How does one not, at least, casually boast about that?!  Can you imagine the Creator of the world muted because all he could humanly do, as a baby, was cry or babble?  I still can’t fathom so much of it.  Any heartbreak, physical pain, or intellectual opposition Jesus faced, He could’ve “re-robed” Himself in His glory and healed it, corrected it, conquered it, etc. but He didn’t.  He lived and suffered through it.  How does one show that restraint?  He laid his glory by.

Occasionally, I’m productive while Ruby naps.  Not the case on this particular day.  I happened to be watching the Disney Channel and discovered an illustration in The Little Mermaid that, I hope, will help emphasize this revelation.  King Triton, in order to save his love-struck daughter Aerial, signs every bit of his dominion over the sea to Ursula.  Thus, he goes from Triton2to

 TritonBy choice, he relinquished his splendor and power to save the one he loves.  King Triton was willing to live at the bottom of the ocean as that shriveled blob with all the other lowly sea creatures.  A huge demotion.  In my mind, it was comparable to what Jesus did.  The only difference (other than the fact that Triton is animated and mythological) is that Jesus, at any moment, had the power to restore his former glory.  The crown was right there within his reach!  But Jesus didn’t; He did not even open his mouth.  He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.  He suffered a horrendous death for my sake and for yours, so that we could…sorry, it only seems fitting, Be a Part of His World!  That’s where Drew is now.  In that World!

I found more spiritual symbolism in The Little Mermaid, but will leave it at that for now in fear of turning the Holy Bible into a Disney movie.  But, I will say, Thank you, God, for revealing more and more of your Glorious Fairy Tale!