One Year Closer


Me supporting Drew’s addiction

Message from Drew on September 17, 2006:

Hey baby,
I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time with you this weekend. I wish we had more time, but what time we did have was quality. It does not bother me that there was not much to do because what I was doing was enjoying being with you. Thank you for also putting up with my football addiction. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to seeing your beautiful face again. I love you.

You are welcome, Drew.  I forgive your addiction, love you too, and dream about the day when I get to see your beautiful face again!

June 25th marks a year. The week prior to the anniversary of our accident, I went back and forth between feeling proud, heartbroken, hopeful, and depressed.  This is not the kind of anniversary that most would celebrate over a nice dinner; nor is it an occasion to buy a gift or send flowers, or even make a cake. I didn’t really know what to expect. Now that it’s here, I actually feel peace. Today I am one entire year closer to Drew than I was this time last year.  That exciting!  Today, I did what most young widows do on the anniversary of their husband’s passing.  I marched down to Leitz music, picked out a piano keyboard and demanded that the foot pedal be included with the purchase of the keyboard (in a Christian Dave Ramsey fashion).

It was a part of our plan.  After Clay brought Drew to the “expertise” level with the guitar, I would begin my piano lessons.  Drew and I were constructing a band.  Ruby would start with the tambourine, and work her way up to more complex instruments.  The other children would follow suit. This was all in an effort to combat the genetic flaw of tone-deafness, dominant in the Husfelt genes.  I understand Drew is busy with Kingdom work, but I have a feeling that enough “down time” has somehow been allotted for Drew to master the guitar.  Assuming that our talents and abilities are maximized in heaven, I would venture that his guitar skills are probably equivalent to Brad Paisley by now. So, it’s about time are start learning piano!

Other June 25th happenings:

Ruby and I had a lunch date with our buds, April and Madison.  Per usual, the salads (chicken and pasta) were delicious, but they pale in comparison to the company and conversation.  There’s something so sweet about being in the presence of someone else who understands (and appreciates) the temporary nature of this life and of our earthly tents—someone who knows the ugly taste of sorrow, but still rejoices and laughs hardily because better things are coming.

Tuesday night was also the night of our first meeting with a small group of young widows/widowers.  That’s a ministry I never thought I would partake in.  The purpose of our group is to learn what the Bible says about Heaven, and what our loved ones are doing and experiencing in Heaven.  Clearly, God is not letting this Drew-size hole in my life go in vain.  He is using it to His glory.  And that is what I know Drew is most proud of today…although he probably thinks the keyboard (foot pedal included) is pretty cool. 

Over the past year God has stretched me in a way I never would have imagined.  And the truth is, had God given me the option, I would have said, Thanks, but no thank you.  I’ll just keep Drew here with me.  My human side would take Drew back in a heartbeat in exchange for all I’ve learned and experienced on this road.  Regardless, I am at peace with the assurance of a reunion with Drew.  That gives me plenty to hope for during the day and to dream about at night. 


There have been a few bolts of lightning so bright and loud here lately, that I could’ve sworn Jesus was descending on a cloud.  Fair warning: Get Right or Get Left!…(right with God or left behind).

6 thoughts on “One Year Closer

  1. I love the heading, “One Year Closer’…. my sentiments exactly…I so enjoyed your blog. please keep t them coming!

  2. You are wise beyond your years, but I believe God grants that to you as well. Your writing is excellent, and you and I had a similar thought the other nice during the lightning sticks. Come, Lord Jesus … soon. Your band is waiting!

  3. Alison, you never cease to amaze me with your strength and courage!  You are a wonderful role model for anyone who is hurting or lost!!  I really miss our conversations, baked goods 🙂  and seeing your always smiling face.  Continue writing…you are incredible!! 


      • Just now read your message:( Sorry about this late reply. Still in PC. Micah is still in Tampa, but I spend as much time there as I can. Sure miss sitting by you at HPB!! You are still gorgeous, and Ruby is beautiful!!!

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